Would you like to learn to surf, rent a board or a bike? Or do you just have a few questions about surfing or Fuerteventura in general? Just write us a short message with your travel dates and what you're interested in. We will then send you the right offer.


Calle 3 de Abril 1979, #3335650 El Cotillo,FuerteventuraSpanien


Calle 3 de Abril 1979, #3335650 El Cotillo,FuerteventuraSpanien


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    Here you can tell us your wishes for your vacation. Just tell us briefly what interests you and when you are coming. We will answer you as soon as possible with a suitable offer. If you like the offer, your booking will be binding and you will receive an official confirmation from us by email with all relevant information.


    Of course, you are very welcome to drop by our shop and register there. However, since we have limited capacity, especially for the surf courses, we recommend that you contact us personally or by email at least 1-2 days in advance.


    All visitors over the age of six who are not arriving from Canary Islands must present a certificate that is officially recognised by the healthcare authorities to show that they have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the past 72 hours. Tourist accommodations will deny entry to anyone who does not comply with the above conditions. All details regarding the test you can find in this Flyer.

    Masks are obligatory from the age of six as soon as you leave your room.

    First you book a flight to Fuerteventura / Puerto del Rosario (FUE). There are various ways to get to El Cotillo from there.


    From the airport you take bus number 3, 10 or 16 to the bus station in Puerto del Rosario (Estacion Puerto). There you change to line 06 to Corralejo (Lobos Bahia stop). In Corralejo, take the 08 bus to El Cotillo. Once or twice a day there is a direct bus line 07 from Puerto del Rosario (Estacion Puerto) to El Cotillo. You can find all connections at


    In addition to the public buses, there are shuttle buses to various hotels across the island. Just ask the drivers of the orange buses which is the right bus for El Cotillo. To book a ticket to El Cotillo, you can enter the Cotillo Beach Hotel as your destination. The price of this option is around 11-15 EUR.


    We can arrange a private transfer to El Cotillo. Mark picks you up at the airport and takes you directly to your accommodation. The price of the transfer is 30 EUR.


    Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the airport to your accommodation. The price is around 55 EUR.

    Fuerteventura has good surfing conditions all year round. Summer is best for beginners. Here you will find nice, small waves to learn. For advanced surfers, the time from October to April is recommended. During this time, larger swell reaches the island and you can let off steam in all possible spots.

    Just ask us. If in doubt, it can never hurt to brush up on the basics on the first surfing course on the beach and get used to the movement again.

    We have no fixed days when the surf courses start. You can get in at any time and visit as many units as you like. So you can easily put together your own vacation plan.

    Our surf courses are held in English. Most of our surf instructors speak other languages besides Spanish and English. If you want a surf course in a certain language, just write us a message.

    Basically you can book as many units as you like. You can also book additional courses on site at any time.


    Surfing is not an easy sport. How quickly you get up on the board varies from person to person. We generally recommend at least 3 surf courses to learn the basics and get enough feedback.

    Basically, it is not necessary to reserve bicycles in advance. However, we have a limited number of bikes. We therefore recommend that you reserve bikes in advance so that you can be sure that a bike is there for you – especially in the high season at Easter, during the summer and Christmas holidays.

    Of course, we also have bicycles for children in various sizes, from very small to bicycles for teenagers.


    The very youngest guests can make themselves comfortable in the child seat on mom or dad’s bike. We recommend reserving a bike with a child seat in advance so that

    If you rent a bike from us, you will get our phone number again. If you have problems on the way, e.g. a record, just give us a call. We either pick you up or we bring you a new bike. Since all of our bikes are in good condition at the time of rental, we might need to charge you for the repair.

    Of course we can equip your bike with click pedals on request. We have Shimao SPD or Look pedals for mountain bikes or racing bikes. You should bring the appropriate shoes yourself. If you would like to have a bike with click pedals, we would ask you to inform us beforehand. So we can prepare the bike accordingly and you only need to pick it up.

    Yes, we also rent e-bikes. The battery performance depends on which mode you choose (i.e. how much the e-bike should support you) and what terrain you’re travelling on. An e-bike that drives uphill permanently uses more energy than an e-bike that only drives straight. In the mode with the greatest support and in normal terrain, you should reach about 60 km on one battery charge. In energy-saving mode, you can travel up to 120 km.