Guided Bike Tours

Biken in Fuerteventura

Route 1

Westcoast, El Cotillo 'til Esquinzo (Ca. 6.5 KM)

Right along the endless cliff line you can ride on the well-developed bicycle and hiking paths all the way to the beach of Esquinzo. Playa Esquinzo is a small bay, in which you can swim and sunbath well protected from the wind. The beautiful track which leads there lays right above the sea, from where you have a magnificent view over the beautiful white beaches and the turquoise blue water.

Route 2

Extension of Path 1

Everyone who is keen to ride off road, here is your chance! These path leads from Esquinzo through dried-up river beds until the mystical mountain of Tindaya. Right alongside that mountain, you can turn to the street GR 131. This route leads trough the village of La Oliva, where you can stop for a bite to eat to taste the typical food of canary island. Worth to see in la Oliva is the Casa de los Coroneles as well as the church, where you can shop twice a week (Thursday / Sunday) at the typical Canarian market. After that you can pass the Montana de Arena in Villaverde until you reach Lajares

If you are not totally out of breath yet, you can keep following GR131, pass the Montana colorada and head to Corralejo and take the road along the Northshore to get back to El Cotillo. Alternativ you can also take the way back through Lajares on the bicycle track aside the main street.

Route 3

Cotillo to Faro de Toston (ca. 4,5 km)

From Our Rider Surf’n Bike Shop you can follow the street alongside the avenida de los Lagos, the beautiful lagoons of El Cotillo, which invite for sunbath and a swim in the ocean. 

Follow the street until the gorgeous light house. There you’ll find a cozy café and a mini museum about the fishery in El Cotillo. Whereas a strong motion of the sea, it is very impressive to watch the waves pounding at Punta de la Ballena.  

Aa small track surrounds the light house, where you’ll find several boards describing the flora and fauna of the area. The protected zone around the ‘Faro de Toston’ shelters plenty of seldom kinds of animals.

A short way down the light house, you’ll find a sandy road heading to the east. This is the entrance to the famous Northshore of Fuerteventura. Following these road, you’ll find magnicicant cristall clear lagoons, which are perfect to swim, snorkeling, sunbath and just relax. 

The unpaved road leads along the whole Northshore, passing the charming fisher village Majanicho until Corralejo. (18+). If the way to Corralejo is too far for you, you can turn to the right in Majanicho direction Lajares (+9.5 km) and take the bicycle path back to El Cotillo.  (+12 km) or you just refresh in the lagoons and take the same way back to Cotillo.